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Hiring Store staffs

Job Description

BAR bise Matsuyama has has its Grand opening on April 6, 2024
and is now recruiting staffs to join our team!
The job involves working as both a bartender and a server.
Inexperienced individuals can earn an hourly wage of 1300 yen or more, with 50% of every drink a guest purchases for you added into your paycheck.
We provide an environment where you can earn a stable income.
You can be expressive with your hairstyle, hair color, and nails!
Shifts are flexible so you can work whenever you want for as long as you want.
We welcome both long-term workers and short-term part-timers!
Working with friends is also accepted!
We look forward to receiving your applications.

Job description for part time

– customer service
– preparing drinks
– taking orders
– serving food and drinks

Job description for full time

during Business hours
– customer service
– preparing drinks
– taking orders
– serving food and drinks
– cashier

– cook
Start with simple cooking assistance and gradually advance to more complex tasks.

outside business hours
– Ordering and receiving supplies, such as drinks and ingredients, necessary for store operations
– Managing staff schedules and handling opening and closing preparations

Bise is perfect for those who:
– Have a positive attitude and excellent communication skills.
– Enjoy interacting with people.
– Maintain a work life balance
– Look for working long term or building a career
– Want to earn stable income
– Are inexperienced but open and enthusiastic to learn



Part Time
Hourly wage from 1300 yen~
50% of every drink a guest purchases for you will go into your paycheck
Inexperienced indivuals are welcome
Experienced individuals are also welcomed
Raises available at any time
Shifts are available from 1 day a week, 3 hours a day OK
Flexible work scheduling system

Full Time
Monthly salary of 250,000 yen to 600,000 yen
Starting from 250,000 yen or more or inexperienced individuals
Experienced individuals [consideration is given to skills and experience during negotiations.]
Raises and promotions available according to ability
Yearly to bi-yearly bonuses (evaluated based on sales performance)
With a one-month training period, inexperienced individuals can begin working confidently

Business Hours

Part Time
– Shifts available within the specified time frame!
– Able to work starting 1 day per week, minimum of 3 hours per day

[Flexible Work Schedule System]
Able to work only on weekdays or weekends if preferred.
No forced attendance.
You can work according to your convenience.

Full Time
– 9 hours (1 hour break)
– 2 days off per week


Minimum Qualifications
– Must be at least 20 years old
– Experienced in cooking (full time only)

Preferred Qualifications
– No experience are welcome (Experienced individuals are preferred.)
– Those who aspire to be independent are welcome.
– Those who want stability.
– Welcoming men and women.
– Those who want to work in a fun and enjoyable environment.
– Those who are motivated to earn a stable income.
– Those who want to find enjoyment in their work.
– Attention to detail
– Those seeking a workplace conducive to long-term employment.
– Able to enjoy interacting with others.
– Maintain a work life balance.
– Those who want to build a career.
– Ability to adapt and have a flixible schedule

employee benefits

Part Time
– Hourly wage + incentives available
– Colored hair, hairstyles and nail art friendly
– Flexible work schedule system
– Able to start from 1 day per week, minimum of 3 hours per day
– Moonlighting friendly
– Short-term part-time work accepted
– Lockers provided

Full time
– Various social insurance provided
– Opportunities for promotion and advancement
– Company events
– Paid vacation
– Yearly to bi-yearly bonuses (evaluated based on sales performance)

store information

Store name

BAR Bise Naha Matsuyama


Matsuyama 1-14-19 Matsuki Pair City Bill 204

Business Hours

21:00 – 6:00

Regular holiday

open daily


How to apply Applications are available through our website or a phone call.
* If you are calling please mention that you came through our website.
担当者 Hiring Manager
TEL 080-3548-5772 (24hr)
Closest station 9 minutes on foot from Kenchō-mae Station on the Yui Rail, 10 minutes on foot from Miebashi Station.
* Commuting by car, motorcycle, or bicycle is acceptable.

Application Form

    BAR bise

      • Open
      • Regular holiday
      • Address
      • 21:00 - 6:00
      • open daily
      • 900-0032 Matsuyama 1-14-19 Matsuki Pair City Bill 204